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Author Topic: Avalanche in Angel Slides article  (Read 1675 times)
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« on: August 11, 2010, 11:02:40 AM »

Very good read, happened just this past march a week after a 2 foot snow fall in the Daks (probably not the best time to go slide skiing.). Two skiers from that area, both had equipment but no formal avi training. Not that it would have changed that much for them, althogh they probably could have caught that the snow hadn't settle yet on the skin in before even the uphill started. No situation is perfect and the signs may have not been there but 2 feet of snow in that area a week prior should have been red alarms IMO. The best thing I got out of my avi class was a solid helping of understanding and concern, I was very hap-hazard prior and far more conservative after. I skied that exact aspect they slid on and that would be a scary one since the right finger is a tangled mess of broken trees and terrian traps at the bottom. I was concerned about something letting loose and it has only snow 3 inches the night prior when I rode it (ah the mems). Sounds like these two cats really learned a ton from this and are probably signed up for a Chauvin course already. Hey we don't need guides to show us how to ski the stuff, but sometimes $300 bucks is a small price to pay for local snowpack / conditions knowledge, plus they take photos of you. Also a heck of a lot cheaper than rescue costs, medical expenses and the karate chop your wife is going to crack you in the head with when you get home.

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Steep enough that I would never want to slide down on anything but my board. Not even Tony's skis!

Careful that is a long way down.

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